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All classes are in the flowing style in some degree, do it all at your own pace, own degree, personalise it ! You could say we have our own unique EXPRESSION or blend of classes postures give birth to the next set in a constant flow to your own uniqueness, no pressure just pure pleasurable bliss, a good workout which is healing to mind body and soul.

Come join us to strengthen, tone, detox, relax, and rejuvenate your body and mind. Prepare to be inspired.



Teresa teaches yoga from the very depths of her soul, she embodies yoga and IS yoga. For over seven years now, Teresa has given me endless opportunities to explore myself and my world through yoga. Yoga classes in Yoga Sacred Space offer a balance between challenges and lightness which allows a great unfolding of learning and growing within each yoga practice.
— Ciara

Yoga Sacred -
The place to go for yoga online.

Yoga Sacred Ireland Online is a soulful resource offering a series of easy to follow Asana practice videos, capturing the spiritual energy of sacred Ireland. The earth and spirit of Eire is divine, the energy soulful.

These soulful yoga classes are about practicing the full expressions of the poses while encompassing therapeutic knowledge from yogic philosophies steeped in wisdom as ancient as Celtic Ireland herself.

Yoga Sacred Ireland has infused this soulful energy into the practice (especially in the outdoor classes). The videos are easy to follow Asana practices from one-on-one teaching, to the pure nature pranagizing class, suitable for all levels.
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