Bryan Kest Master Class

Monday 08 July 2019, 7-10pm

This workshop is for everyone, all decades, all levels, all abilities, backgrounds creeds humans. We are so blessed to host Bryan Kest this June 2018 at The Liffey Trust Studios 

Bryan is a unique raw truthful, teacher of yoga.Based in LA he has taught for over 30 years, to jam packed classes of devotees of his truly, unique, refreshing sometimes irreverent but always truthful style.



Jaguar Practice Master Class with Jason Anderson

AT Yoga Sacred Space November 17th - 18th.

The Jaguar practice is a mindful Vinyasa journey centered around 6 aspects of presence, direction, cleansing, awareness or timing, patience and authenticity all within your omnipresent breath flow.

Inspired by the jaguar's presentation of power, aggression, vision and valour fused with grace, poise and effortlessness you flow ethereally in harmony to face your fears and confront your enemies (insecurities) and realise your potential. The world is waiting for you to transcend as you enter into the portal of your brightest light.

This is an All Levels flow that will elevate you to the threshold of your excellence.

Anatomy based continuous professional for Yoga Teachers

Saturday, 28 April 2018: 9AM - 6pm  
Sunday, 29 April 2018: 9AM - 6pm

Weekend Anatomy Training, 

  • Hips & Psoas.

  • Shoulders

  • Spine

  • Fascia



Please have a look at our vimeo of 'The Earth to Sky flow' by Yoga Sacred Space, a powerful meditative healing flowing practise of sequences. The mini film was shot at 'the yoga and healing workshop' in Lodz Poland. This workshop is a beautiful combination of this sensual flow yoga practise which prepares the body to be more receptive to recieving the pure healing energy. It includes the chanting of sacred names high vibrational work.

Yoga Escapes August 2013

Yoga Sacred Space studios in colaboration with Tinakilly Country House present Yoga Retreat Packages, check out these revitalising yoga getaways to revitalise the body and awaken the mind, starting from this September.