The Temple Of Movement

The temple of movement.. the temple being the body , on this International womans day ,we address through this practice wonderful wise sequences ,that flow seamlessly together, interwoven with the breath cycles.This fluid yet strong creative flow to celebrate the shakti energy , the divine feminine which is not female as such , its one of the two energies that lives in all of us.

In this time of ‘me too’ campaigns and much reveals regarding the feminine journey to now, we need to address and turn it around , recycle the negative and rebuild and reconnect .

The divine masculine has been equally tormented , all the wonderful men of the world having to endure the hurts revealed by their equal counter part , the feminine.This is not a feminine issue nor a masculine issue , this is a human issue .The time has come to heal and rebalance ourselves as a human race and work at supporting and uplifting each other.

Then there is the issue we need to address , an internal one, the silent attack made on the temple, our bodies, trying to tell us how to look, how to act, how to be , which has caused warfare from the inside upon ourselves with endless conversations, “Im not good enough”,”not pretty enough”,”not strong enough”

As this ‘image’ is being sold to us and commodified by all media, consumerism.This has now damaged and hurt us all trying to ‘fit in’ to these one dimensional ideals , and our bodies have suffered as a result . It is a silent killer.

We need to support and teach our children that these images, these bodies, these characters are not real ,so we can help stop the hurt being inherited unwittingly ,undeserved ,untrue.

The temple of movement , is a powerful empowering yoga practice where with our intentions we address this new movement of I am enough! I am pretty enough! My body is beautiful ! I am strong enough! I am masculine enough! Through the powerful flows we send this loving healing energy to our beautiful bodies and driven by powerful breath supported by the musical beats & mantras, we twist ,rotate back bend sweat and ring out the old programs. We choose new programs that fill us up! Heal and support us , we celebrate our bodies we celebrate our breath our uniqueness our individual beauty of diversity . International woman’s day ,has the word ‘man ‘ in it .. it is inclusive to our male counter parts .We want to bridge the gap ,find the new path of respect and love for our bodies our selves our differences and be one beautiful human family! The power of the practice is in accessing the wisdom of the body as we take it on the loving powerful journey and nourish it with the yoga asana at one with our minds ,clear intentions ,so we revolve the old attitudes and old programming that does not belong to us ,as we are the NEW human ! Balanced whole and more than enough! This is where the Power lies.. we use the powerful physical practice to be an activist for a better brighter world , so we all can contribute to world peace , inner peace and body peace.Come join in this movement march 8 th IWD practice hosted by Mandala yoga team and move with me into a beautiful new world of mind body and soul togetherness. I’ll be so honored to lead this practice this friday March 8 th 6pm🙏♥️Teresa