Russell Brand

Big thanks to Russell Brand

This summer, brought to the studio a bright star, a super star, a super NOVA, Russell Brand... he just walked in, to the Saturday 10am class, (which I wasn’t even supposed to be teaching ) …I got the nudge from the cheeky old universe to go “Teach Now “today at 10 am.. my lazy ego said “no, stay here, fluffy pillows, cotton sheets, fluffy dog, its Saturday, you were teaching all week...” the nudge was stronger! So, I went, I went down, opened the studio, the vibes there were awesome from The Beats and Rhythms workshop from the night before, a point of new beginnings, a full blood red moon celebrated, time to set intentions the leader of the pack, Karla ,said!! And so, we did, as we stomped rhythmically breathed to the cool tunes... the energy was BUZZY, a free happy high, safe and long lasting!!

So, on Saturday,I went opened up the space of sacredness, and the dreamy vibrations met me at the entrance.. oh good morning to you..the vibes greeted me, as I chanted in the Ganeesh chant in a “merrily merrily merrily .. life is but a dream “kinda way, sweet and easy..

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The candles were lit, so I went back to my home ashram, to have a coffee. I then returned at one minute to 10, to teach. There was this tall, dark, (Indian I thought) looking dude walking around the space, reading all my wall hangings and I ignored him. I just thought, a visitor, on holiday.

Then the students arrived, a busy class, all bustling in to their habitual spots. I went to start and realised I didn’t say my usual greeting /check in to the guest student.. So I went down and sat beside this God like creature and said, hey are you ok with the flow style? Any injuries etc? ... then I see... the face and said... Oh shit! It’s you! I was talking about you last night?!?! Weird! I love your stuff.. he responded sweetly” oh thank you, you are so kind...”..anyway.. so on we go, up on to my magic yoga carpet.. of first, stillness then into chant, breaths that deepen, twists, turns, rotations, tunes, like pranic zappers, high flyers, low riders, back down to chants, breaths and savasanas and more chanting... glorious! Luxury! On ending, my super starr yogi guest sat there, dazed it seemed, couldn’t move (for a while) then he says..”Fuck man, I’m trippin’ out on your energy...” ( ye stop it now, he’s a happily married man with baby’s, I met them all ) so we sat and chatted and connected about life, love, kids, dogs, disasters (mine mostly) & yoga... then selfie time! “Can I get a pic (HE says to ME) (ha!) So warm hugs, goodbyes and promises of returning to class with me..

What was that?! I thought? Universe? I’d asked him, Russell, why /how he came to Sacred Space.. he stated very sincerely .. I was simply drawn to your energy when I saw it online.. Wow, well there it is, for me always the energy is what runs my life, shows me which way, how, where, when, but sometimes I do not listen to its sat navigation and each time I don’t, I can look back and see clearly ‘shit!’ I was being prompted, shown but the ol’ ( strong) free will got me... and sweet (almost innocent ) quiet prompt can be ignored. I did not ignore it that morning.. and so this was the clear teaching to me on this awesome, experience ( as Russell then hired me for privates at his home instead, as he knew all the peeps would show up ) which was a continued awesome blest experience, I know we all get excited by celebrity , so normal, and now we have the cult of celebrity, ego driven mania. This celebrity, IS just that a celebrity should be using their persona, previous screw ups, lessons learnt, to promote goodness, kindness, truth, evolution of the new human. THIS has to be admired. Russell happens to have an incredibly high intellect, academic brain, eloquent in his descriptions of opinion’s, an amazing perspective and delivery on consciousness & why meditate, why practice Yoga and Kindness. This deserves the echelon of celebrity he resides in, as it is helpful to humanity. He takes the humble route of inner reflection and the vulnerability of the human heart and speaks with a clarity and truth about it all. THIS is the new human, the newly awakened state, available to ALL of us, if we practice conscious living, enquire into our own vulnerabilities, learn from them, non critique, non judgement of OURSELVES first, for if we judge ourselves we will always judge others, therefore, limited living, we become our own self imposed obstacles to our own growth & joy when we expand into consciousness extend our bodies into asana’s, we awaken something inside us, there is no going back ever on this, once it starts to awaken. Russell Brand represents this in our chaotic world of celebrity, he does walk the walk and sure can talk the talk !
It was a beautiful gift from the universe to allow for me to have this rich & connected intimate time with this bright new human. The intimacy of the space , light and energy I am talking about, with someone who inspired me for sometime now and many others, and it began with listening to the call of energy, the prompt from the universe, for both of us, and responding to it, THIS, bit is the most magical aspect of this summertime sparkle I experienced and has taught me (more than ever) to tune in and listen act upon these sweet, innocent prompts from the universe always communicating in every moment to guide us, and hopefully to become a better listener to this prompt of the universal sat nav and download it every time, therefore become a better human.

The divine Oscar nominee Saoirse Ronan attended classes with me also recently, left her beautiful ethereal energy lingering at Our sacred space.

Thank you Russell Brand & Saoirse Ronan ♥️Teresa