Bryan Kest Power Yoga Master Class

Bryan Returns To Dublin This July 2019


Now taking bookings for a Master Class with Bryan Kest, in The Liffey Trust Studios on 8 July, 7-10pm This workshop is for everyone, all decades, all levels, all abilities, backgrounds, creeds, humans. Visit to book now.

Bryan is a unique raw truthful, teacher of yoga. Based in LA he has taught for over 30 years, to jam packed classes of devotees of his truly, unique, refreshing sometimes irreverent but always truthful style.

He is funny, intense, real, very real and raw...he has inspired millions around the world in his personalised way of expressing yoga asana techniques, the 'POWER' of the yoga is wildly apparent and its not just physical prowess he is promoting, it is true internal personal (em)powerment.

He is not caught up in the dogma that can be found in yoga world, or the posturing of some seasoned teachers of yoga, but teaches from the heart how to find peace, calm, gentleness healing, within the powerful yet very approachable flowing style that is truly his own yet so generous in his sharing of that which he/we call Power yoga. Tell me more...