One day teacher training Chair Yoga Skills and Restorative Yoga Skills

SO, this is one of the most popular trainings in the world of Yoga Trainings , CPD, for teachers .To have this skill on hand for any teacher of Yoga really expands your teaching apparatus and scope to a larger audience.This also beautifully brings Yoga to the wider community which it is supposed to be for ALL human's.As a student of yoga or indeed a teacher of yoga in your yoga life you will encounter injury with your own body or illness or with your family ,students ,friends.Yoga is a remedial therapy and a constant  question I get is , should I stop practising Yoga  I have an injury? unwell? fatigued?depressed? My answer is always, no , keep practising. So how do we do that? This training shows you how...even for the frail , weak body, there is something in this you can practise or teach so one can get the energy flowing again to b ring us back to health wellbeing strength.Yoga is hugely an energy system, a technology so sophisticated we are only at the tip of understanding that factor.If we treat the energy body FIRST  the health healing will come.That is not an over promise and an under deliver for those of us already benefitting from the energetic charge from our Yoga practise .To bring it to the weak, unwell, frail, or simply just low energy times of life is truly spreading the benefits to all humans all 7 billion of us on the planet , theres 7 billion ways to practise yoga ! course is DATES coming soon !!!!!10-4.30PM   175 EUROS