what is exactly the experience of yoga teacher training for the interested student

I have noticed over the many years of teacher training the massive interest in the science of yoga growing at an accelerated rate in our western world. I prefer to call it a 'sharing' of knowledge the student has acquired and has tested it in their own laboratory of their body , then downloaded it into the cellular body , integrated from having a regular practise and then it emerge's as one's own true but unique perspective on how they feel about Yoga.So when one does this, they will resonate authentically with others who are drawn to their way of sharing it. This allows Yoga to propagate with integrity through the many channels of diversity that we are , then it evolves and expands.This is the true nature of the route of yoga. So , essentially I would prefer to leave out any emphasis on the word , 'teacher' which I feel has connotation's that put off the truly interested student to know more , to go deeper into the teachings. By calling it a sharing , it is more available, less intimidating to ALL human's of all ages , backgrounds,  abilities, creed's, traditions,income levels.This is how yoga was meant to be , for everyone, the benefits are available to all human's.I have found in the yoga world a form of elitism , which is unyogic, segregated , ' us against them attitude.'This leaves out a whole world of people who have as much right to deepen their knowledge , wisdom and practise as they wish.My intention was to make 'Yoga Teacher Training' available to ALL, once they have an enthusiasm , love, and interest a quality  teacher can teach /guide them all they want to know on the vast deep subject of yoga and its philosophies, science etc lovingly..India , the motherland gave yoga as a gift to the world , that meaning, everyone. So Teacher Training in my mind should be just that a place to go to learn more, and you then go try and test it out and then  share what you know,how it worked for you , allow it to guide you rather than you drive it. This makes for an exciting journey ,non intimidating accessible to all.I feel i teach it in this way, and yet  respecting the beautiful discipline that yoga is but making it as digestible to the student as they open and grow at their own unique rate and style.It is a non dogmatic philosophy , so teaching it in a 'my way or the highway attitude is not true yoga.The student and the teachings can only flourish in an supportive environment of ease , playfulness, free to investigate enquire as the student's own curiosity and intuition guides them.My intention to to share my passion for teaching the interested student and take them  on this magic carpet as deep and as far as they would like to go !I have been teaching the teachers for almost a decade and still have so much to learn myself which is wonderful as there is endless potential for more awesome wisdom with more depth ,more riches unfolding , to me an immensely intoxicating delightful thought which has no age/time barriers yet always supportive through all stages of life.It sure has assisted me through some of lifes curve balls, challenges , like a benevolent friend , as David Swenson described it.So, the more "Teacher Trainer's sharers" the better the world will be .I  think we can all agree we have enough Banker's, politicians, professional's we need more yoga/meditation teacher sharers (think I saw  a Facebook quote out there like that ha ha) so consider your yoga teacher training a place where you go to learn how to live a healthy ,benevolent life full of meaning and purpose , the pre requisite for healing, and shouldn't that be available to ALL ?.Do not be intimidated by that word Teacher if you are considering a training allow your heart to guide you to the right one for you.keep shining and serving the light all  you lovers. J'ai guru Deva aum. visit yogasacredspace.com for Teacher Training course content info .Next 200 hour June 24th 25th 2017-18