Yoga as Soul Food

I am most interested in teaching yoga as soul food. Today so many of us find ourselves in a state of starvation nourishment that feeds the soul. I spent a lot of time in The motherland of yoga, India at an Ashram training, extensively travelling, absorbing exploring the techniques. Then equally as much time in Los Angeles a mecca of yoga for the West, and I love the experiences and wisdom, I have learned from these two place's. One focused primarily with the spirit, the other obsessed with the body.

I have trained with the masters of yoga and experienced the many ways and styles of the Asana practise which has lead me deeply into the inner world of the science/philosophy of yoga. I have witnessed much magic and transformations within myself and others, yet I feel the depth of the eternal wisdom. I teach daily and my passion is to train students to become yoga masters, not just teachers as there are many yoga teachers now in our western world, but its the masters that make the difference . You could say my life is an extension of this yogic life style, perfectly imperfect in its quest to transform consistantly and constantly. This is why I love to teach the flowing style of yoga it challenges, surprises me and expresses where words fail. I have two yoga spaces my. Ashrams, where like minded souls are magnetized to. A place we share, heal, explore our deepest self together. I've taught around europe and discovered the language of yoga is the same all through the world as to me the heart is the main componant, always at the centre of the practise. Our suffering is mostly caused by diconnection to the heart then prone to the disturbances of the mind. I like to teach and guide my students into a Temple of Movement and feel the sacredness of the Asana practise which is what nourishes the body, mind and soul. I endlessly train myself and keep finding another depth to drop into, then witness the riches inside as a reality not just fancy spiritual fast talk.


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