Workshops with Teresa

Studio 3, Yoga Nurture,  Naas. (Above Park Medical Centre Monread Avenue,)

Friday 21st Oct •  Friday 4th Nov • Friday 9th Dec.
7.45pm - 10.15pm. €35.

The 'Temple of Movement' Workshop Deep slow Asana, with a built in pace to generate heat, unlock deep rooted stress, vibrant pranic energy refuels the body, clears out the mind, opens the heart. Twists, back bends, heart openers so you feel sublime, reconnected and spacious in your life. We chant in love abundance, bliss. We will leave loving our own hearts deeply with a deep sense of our own greatness.

The 'Transformational Workshop' Breath, bandhas, Asana... understanding the breath how to control it, a powerful tool that clears the mind of disturbance, together with bandhas you open a universe of infinite possibilities. Develop your mental skills as well as physical strength. Receive sweet gentle healing energy from Teresa's hands on adjustments. Movement, breath, transitions, Asana, blended into beautiful mandalas of movement. Get ready to beam like the sun!

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