Yoga Styles

The majority of classes at Yoga Sacred Space are creative flowing styles based on the sun salutations and Astanga primary series inspired. We also have Bhakti soul flow yoga, meditation classes and weekend workshops.

Each teacher is highly skilled in teaching of yoga and has a style of their own, each one teaches a quality class.

The early evening classes are suitable for beginners, if your returning after a break from yoga, for theraputic value or injury recovery as they are low level.

The power soul flow class is a Yoga Sacred Space signature class, its a high powered challenging class for people with a regular practise, it includes deep breathwork and at times esctatic chant, challenging postures, and a deep luxourious relaxation.

However if a new student ends up in these classes they will be catered to. The students comfort level and care is a high priorty.

Essence of Yoga

  • Yoga is a means of accessing vitality, building the immune system, strengthening and healing the nervous system, centering and slowing down the mind, elimination of stress and purifying the body and mind. It helps people to achieve happiness in their daily lives. Yoga allows practitioners to become their own authority on personal evolution and sacred nature of their existence.

  • Everyone is responsible for their own connection with spirit and their own purity.

  • Yoga helps to complete the circle of our own lives. It is a pilgrimage into your own heart and the heart of the universe.

  • Yoga comes from nature and is a journey back to nature.

  • Yoga’s true messages are empowerment of the individual and to take responsibility for every thing that happens to us.

  • This is an age of personal responsibility not about putting our power in outside figures.

  • We have to claim it for ourselves as we create it in our lives.This is true essence of personal growth.

  • Yoga becomes a prayer for awareness to the great presence which surrounds us and is within us at all times.

Yoga Tips

In order to have a good practise here some yoga tips to consider:

  • Its best not to eat up to 3 hours before practise and to eat light simple foods when you do.

  • Re-hydrate before and after class yet only sip during class.

  • A shower before and after class is not always convenient but will maximize the benefits when you can.

  • Always wear light stretchy clothing for maximum movement and comfort.

  • Yoga is always practised barefoot.

  • A towel, a mat ,water, and tissues are the main essentials.

  • Always practise with a qualified instructor through attending classes at first to learn techniques, breath work etc and then self practise at home combined with classes.

  • Know that little and often is best as one does not always have 90 minutes everyday to practise.

Teacher Training Course (Intro)

Teresa Murphy Moore has been practising yoga most of her life and now teaching for almost a decade. Teresa's school ' Yoga Sacred Space school of teacher training ' is about to embark on its fifth year of teacher training. Yoga Sacred Space is a yoga alliance registered school, students who qualify are part of the world body and are on the website as a qualified teacher, and are internationally recoginised teachers of yoga. The school has qualified 40 students to date , most are teaching in the world of yoga in some form or other.

Teresa Murphy Moore trained with the masters of India at an ashram in Nasik and returned many times for long periods of time to study all the aspects of yoga, to deepen her knowledge, which is her passion. Teresa has spent time in Mysore India with Pattabi Jois, Iyengar in Pune India, has had three days with the Dalai Lama up close and personal learning methods in meditation and many other trainings. Teresa's rich deep expanded knowledge of the yoga tradition and then the desire to propagate yoga from this basis, combined with her own style and interpetation makes teacher training course rich cross section of knowledge and wisdom.

To go through a yoga teacher training opens a doorway to a vast life long journey of yoga which endlessly surprises you, encourages you and nurtures you. Whether you choose to pass it on through teaching or just want to explore and investigate the joyful fruits of the journey that is yoga. This training is an opportunity to go deeper in to the experience that is ever expanding, ever widening, ever loving- bliss.

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